3rdCarbon Lab of Circular Economy


TitleCarbon Lab of Circular Economy

DesignerChi, Ko-Yu



COVID-19 lasted for two years, the air was filled with the virus, and people had to wear masks to go out with peace of mind. Over the years, people have become more concerned about air quality and have begun to worry about the possibility of contact with others. I envision post-COVID architecture as a self-sufficient building that uses carbon capture technology and open modular spaces.Using the rotation of carbon capture fans to inhale CO2 and convert it into carbon commodities that can be used locally, improving air conditions and recycling waste; Spatially, separate the individual unit spaces so that each residential space has appropriate social distancing.

Energy conservation and carbon reduction are a topic of great concern around the world today, and human beings have begun to look for various energy-saving plans to solve excessive carbon dioxide emissions. Among them, carbon capture is currently being actively visited by scientists. As air pollution becomes more severe, there is a growing need to reduce the waste of life and ways to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.Therefore, the Carbon Lab of Circular Economy uses carbon capture technology to enable mankind to create a new circular economy and self-sufficiency "after the new crown", and further help human life and economy to revitalize. Finally, in a more future, land will be sustainable and human fears of environmental and air pollution will be improved.