Honor​Honorable Mention─Urban Instability


Title​Honorable Mention─Urban Instability

DesignerHsiao, Chung-Yun、Liao, Chuan-Yao



We keep Home decomposable. Making it participatory and compatible, but not just unapproachable housing.

"Urban Instability" is described as a problem when spaces in the city being over-occupied or idled by human beings that paralyzes infrastructures. A solution proposed here is replacing rigid infrastructures with flexible and detachable components regarding to human's involved activities. The joint program of different activities, Participatory Urbanism is designed to provide the utmost in space utilization, especially in a high-dense city with insufficient spaces and infrastructures.

Qingguang Market is a demonstration of urban instability. The blast of human flow in weekends caused by migrant workers greatly paralyzes the city. To solve the problem, through the data from Google map API and multiple compatibility analysis, a human’s lives, activities pattern was sorted out and utilized to provide user-friendly space utilization. This is why we call participatory urbanism as the solution of urban instability. Home is not a place, it's a collective concept.