HonorShortlisted─Spatial Folding of Urban 'Patches'


TitleShortlisted─Spatial Folding of Urban 'Patches'

DesignerZhao, Guan-Lyu



The impact of the COVID-19 is affecting the lives of all people, and the resulting medical issues need to be addressed. A particular structure exists in Chinese cities, the urban village, a system that facilitates urban mobility while also creating many potential risks. The design is based on the interpretation and coping strategies of living in an urban 'patch' - an urban village, sustaining a complex spatial system of uncertainty, reconfiguring private and medical spaces.

By learning from machine learning, I have chosen StyleGan2 for the exercise, which initially achieves the functional integration of living space and medical space for the new crown. However, I think there are still some problems with StyleGan2, so I chose planbee to determine the results of the algorithm, so as to filter out more reasonable functional planes. In terms of specific functional connections, the spatial syntax completes my concept and the topology plots in depth the steps in which the two-dimensional planar functions have been transformed from two-dimensional to three-dimensional space. 

The completed assemblage will be applied in high-traffic areas in urban villages to help people address the negative effects of the COVID-19. The complex is primarily residential in function, while providing medical functions in response to epidemics. The individual spaces also take people's leisure activities into account, with shopping units, vegetation units etc. able to enrich the spiritual life of the inhabitants.