HonorShortlisted─Alveolar Filter


TitleShortlisted─Alveolar Filter

DesignerYang, Xin+ Liang, Lin-Tao



Because of the global blockade caused by the epidemic, people's lives have changed a lot. Most people are forced to live at home. They have less and less communication with people and less and less time to contact sunshine and green plants. In this case, it is urgent to break the apathy and alienation in urban life, establish a harmonious community environment with people at the core, and create a colorful community suitable for all people.

In order to enable all people at home to find like-minded friends, contact the sun, communicate with each other, and maintain physical and mental health. We have proposed a full age community to establish a diversified communication space and ensure the needs of different groups. At the same time, the green balcony garden is placed to ensure the green, sustainable and healthy development of the space.

Combined with the residential design, the core tube is separated from the living unit, and the virus is completely isolated from the source outside the room, so as to maximize the living and activity space in the building. Design social ring networks for different age groups and different working groups. Such as sports health ring, social communication ring, children's entertainment ring, etc. Combine these social platforms inside and outside the modular housing. Strengthen the communication between people and provide enough indoor and outdoor space to meet the needs of different routine activities. Build an interactive and shared companion community, and build a warm story with the theme of family, friendship and love.