HonorShortlisted─Return To The ( )


TitleShortlisted─Return To The ( )

DesignerLin, Jia-Zeng



When the epidemic is severe, people wish to go back to life before the epidemic. In the current case, we hope that people will start to travel abroad after the epidemic. In this building, therefore, we suggest a form of long-term residence for travel. These various public spaces are given in a certain order of priority and eventually form a new residential trip in the place.

The whole architecture connects each space with a continuous slope, and the orange walkway goes all the way from the perimeter of the base to the roof of the architecture. We don't know how big the world is, we only know that the original appearance of the whole world through the known space. The meaning of the collection of houses is a kind of extension of the stack of the landscape, just like the existence of a continuous ground.

Post-epidemic, the whole world fell into an unprecedented predicament. It begins with the restriction of freedom to everyone's fear of socializing, which continued to affect humans all over the world. But as time passed, people try to reacquaint themselves with the 'everyday' and began to realize how precious the so-called ordinary things are.

The meaning of collective housing is stacking the extension of the terrain. We all need to rely on this ground and human beings never leave the ground as our feet must always be on it. This ground symbolizes equal value; only with equal and friendly values, we can understand the beauty of this world.