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  In today's explosive urbanization process, people's comfortable and diverse lives are gradually swallowed up by huge reinforced concrete structures, and individual people are isolated, leading to monotonous lives. Therefore, how to develop a livable space in the existing high-density city, organize a new future community mode, and form a new way of living, working and living in 2048 is the starting point of this design. The design site is located in the huilongguan district of Beijing, aiming to create a fully Shared community space for code farmers, to solve the huilongguan travel congestion and lack of vitality, communication problems. In communities developed under the guidance of this concept, people are willing to share their living space, divert it to public activities, weaken the ownership and emphasize the right to use. By introducing slanting plates into the architectural form, the space can be fully integrated to maximize the communication between residents and form a new future office mode.

  Design description: this plan is located at the east side of Beijing huilongguan subway station. It complies with the original urban texture, combines the site form, and forms a spatial form suitable for huilongguan station. In order to solve huilongguan's big city disease of "sleeping city", it provides a solvable way for it by means of architecture. In order to form a new spatial form that promotes communication and saves space, different Spaces used by code farmers interact with each other, so as to give full play to the consumption potential and capital flow of code farmers. By closely combining the coders with each other in the form of super sharing and maximizing the compression of space and distance through the integration of functions as a whole, huilongguan can solve the problem of "one hour less life".