Honor​Honorable Mention─Urban ZIP.per


Title​Honorable Mention─Urban ZIP.per

DesignerPan, Zhong-Yu



The outbreak of Covid-19 at the end of 2019 has deeply affected people's lives, reducing going out, gathering in groups, and segregating those infected...and other new life styles, so that ventilation, home environment, multiple Control ports, etc., have become important living considerations. Facing the advent of the post-epidemic era, what is the new form of urban housing is the question I raised?

In addition to post-epidemic considerations, another important issue of urban housing is the soaring housing prices. Due to the convenient lifestyle in the city, real estate developers can make huge profits in housing sales, which creates a contradictory situation in urban living space. A small number of bourgeois people Owning most of the houses, most civilians or newcomers are forced to live in small apartments. In order to slow down the occurrence of such things, the emergence of Social housing is necessary. In addition to increasing the selectivity in the market, it can effectively curb the real estate market. The Social housing also provides a better living environment for those who do not have enough money to buy a house, so I named my design title " Post-COVID Neighborhood Hybrid Social Housing ".

The public nature of the social housing is far greater than that of ordinary residential buildings. In addition to serving the residents of the housing itself, it is hoped that it can affect the surrounding communities and bring greater benefits. Observing today's urban residences, I divide the space into three major divisions based on the degree of privacy, which are the Public domain, the Private domain, and the Common domain in between. The Common domin for people activities only appears on the ground floor. I want to reverse this urban form, so that the Common domain can grow vertically, so that even residents who live in high-rise buildings and stay at home for a long time can still feel the activities of the city. The ground floor of the public domain becomes the public space of the community, such as kindergarten, elderly care centers, student activity centers, community sports parks, community canteens... and other social welfare institutions.

How to make the common area grow vertically, I designed a Double layer living form, the common area floor is a common space function, configurations such as home office, shared office, shared kitchen, living room, etc., while the upper and lower floors are private On the room level, the occupants can feel the operation of the city through the windows and balconies without being too far away, and also have a certain degree of privacy.

The proportion of the common domain and the public and private domains is equal, which not only provides the possibility of a future life style, but also becomes an indispensable imagination of integration in urban housing.