HonorShortlisted─No One is an Island


TitleShortlisted─No One is an Island

DesignerZhang, Zi-Hui



As the COVID-19 epidemic rages on, the world has suffered a major impact. The reduction in social mobility has forced people to stay at home. The epidemic has blocked people in isolated community islands, affecting their physical and mental health. Therefore, health issues have attracted much attention. Faced with the limitation of the scope of action, communication has become an indispensable and difficult issue between people.

As far as housing is concerned, people are limited in their range of movement, and the utilization rate of living space and community space has greatly increased. How to maximize communication in small-scale activities or even without leaving home? These spaces have already begun to change and transform. 

This design will transform the space from the three levels of "room & room" in the interior, to "unit& unit" of the building, and "block & block" to maximize communication and implant " The concept of “Green Building” enables people who are trapped in their homes to be saved physically and mentally.