「2023 International Residential Architecture Conceptual Design Competition」Winners Announced
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The third「International Residential Architecture Conceptual Design Competition」, which is co-hosted by Taiwan Architecture Magazine and Sun-Yuan Architects & Associates and also the affiliation of Taiwan Residential Architecture Award Association, invites Rem Koolhaas, founder and partner of OMA, and David Gianotten, managing partner, to be the judges for the competition.

The total of 274 projects from 24 countries has been received over a period of 5-month submission for total prize of US$20,000 in the end of November 30, 2022.

The final review of the competition is conducted on February 1 and winners are finally announced by judges Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten after they thoroughly discuss the 10 projects selected for the final review. The winners are as follows – project「Sky Village Incubator」by Duan, Ai-Xin(段艾辛)+ Geng, Rui-Jia(耿睿佳)+ Chen, Li-Ying(陳麗穎)from China wins the First Prize with bonus of $US8,000 (tax included), project「POLAR STOROZHKA」by Алиса Романова from Russia wins the Second Prize with bonus of $US5,000 (tax included), project 「Carbon Lab of Circular Economy - Carbon Capture Project」by Chi, Ko-Yu(姫柯宇)from Taiwan wins the Third Prize with bonus of $US3,000. Besides the first 3 winners, 2 projects「Urban ZIP.per」and「Urban Instability - Participatory Urbanism」by Pan, Zhong-Yu(潘中昱)and Hsiao, Chung-Yun(蕭仲筠)+ Liao, Chuan-Yao(廖譔堯)all from Taiwan separately win the Honorable Mention with bonus of $US1,000 (tax included). Also, the last 5 teams separately win the Shortlisted with bonus of $US400 (tax included).

Final Review :https://www.youtube.com/live/3Kic6HUYPU8?feature=share

The awards ceremony will be conducted at The Mayor's Residence Art Salon on March 19 with a live stream. Judges Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten will both attend the ceremony to present the prizes and have a forum with winners after the ceremony. More information please check official website of TRAA.

【Award Ceremony Information】
Date : 2023/03/19(日)
Time : 14:00¬16:00(GMT+8)
Location : Mayor's Residence Art Salon Performance Hall 
Address : No. 46, Xuzhou Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
Live stream : https://reurl.cc/2W0ea6

【Awards Lists】
First Prize/8,000 USD 

243-Sky Village Incubator
/Duan, Ai-Xin(段艾辛)+ Geng, Rui-Jia(耿睿佳)+ Chen, Li-Ying(陳麗穎)/China

Second Prize5,000 USD
/Алиса Романова/Russian

Third Prize3,000 USD
172-Carbon Lab of Circular Economy - Carbon Capture Project
/Chi, Ko-Yu(姫柯宇)/Taiwan

Honorable Mention1,000 USD 
021-Urban ZIP.per
/Pan, Zhong-Yu(潘中昱)/Taiwan

​Honorable Mention1,000 USD 
022-Urban Instability - Participatory Urbanism
/Hsiao, Chung-Yun(蕭仲筠)+ Liao, Chuan-Yao(廖譔堯)/Taiwan

Shortlisted/400 USD  
013-Spatial Folding of Urban 'Patches'
/Zhao, Guan-Lyu(趙管律)/China

Shortlisted/400 USD  
110-Four Filtering Pieces House
/Giacomo Caputo/Germany

Shortlisted/400 USD  
142-No One is an Island
/Zhang, Zi-Hui(張子惠)/China

Shortlisted/400 USD  
165-Alveolar Filter
/Yang, Xin(楊欣)+ Liang, Lin-Tao(梁林濤)/China

Shortlisted/400 USD  
188-Return to the ( )
/Lin, Jia-Zeng(林家增)/Taiwan

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Organizer:Taiwan Architecture Magazine、Sun-Yuan Architects & Associates