2023 IRACDC─The final selection review of selected works
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Write: Wang, Chin-Kun/traaa Secretary General
Translate: Su, Kun-Feng

Note: The following groups are sorted according to the ranking of the winners; the judges Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten are referred to as Rem and David respectively, and the winners are called W.

Note: The work Four Filtering Pieces House was unable to participate in the final selection review, and No One is an Island was not subject to a question-and-answer review due to poor network connection quality.

Final Review 

First Prize─Sky Village Incubator
/Duan, Ai-Xin、 Geng, Rui-Jia、 Chen, Li-Ying/China

Rem:I will be saying happy to see the project dealing not so weaken issues beacuse the Covid but only also related to the suggested issue because were.  So I do not have further question and complement related to your choice.

DavidFor me come to the same. It is good not only about before the pandemic but address more social issues. I have one question you suggest different group people to come together to create a life style in the city in the kind of micro environment. Do you think that is a mixing of different life style can actually work? Or because now we are often think we are segregated and do you think the different life style can benefit for each other in one way or another how does your architecture respond to that potential benefit?

W:I absolutely create the life style like everybody lives together. I want to run this project not only for migrant workers living it but mention young people who are facing housing problems also want to live in it. But I would like to say this project is about agricultural.

So many young people who live in the city like me cannot even identify the type of vegetables and in Chinese migrant workers means labors who are from the country. So far our project are type of migrant workers with experienced farming. At first, but I think there are many similar groups in other part of world. Facing the similar problems under the epidemic and have many psychological problems caused by the housing environment the migrant workers in Singapore.

So in my word in my research we hope we can explore more possibilities for similar regions to find the communities in the design of solutions. I would like to add one thing because our project that is why we have part of research on migrant workers and urban shortages because my opinion the epidemic is why we can find the problems. We have been there before and after the pandemic. So we think agriculture can still be a solution to the problem after the pandemic. And even itself sufficient attributed will be sufficient for the next crisis.

/Алиса Романова/Russian

RemIs the building you proposed usually large for kind of urban environment or it is difficult?

WUnfortunately it is not built. Now it is unique, unique house but for some border cities will be good typical houses for future life because they only have one to see. Greenery is not only in cold weather I think it is good to be to prototype the house for some border cities to other cities.

DavidWhat is the interesting idea obviously to concentrate in the border cities that you can really benefit each other been close also create greenery.  But I have a question that why did not you extend the program to a more functional idea that it would become a community more or less?

WI think it is a good idea to use some techniques to improve this project in the future. It was the first project created by the city and I do not have enough time to make this project more useful for in certer or some else. I think I can continue the search for some functional ideas in the future.

DavidDo yourself come from the area or somewhere else in Russia?

WNo, I live in near the Europe mountains. And we do not have so such cold weather but it is so interesting for me to feel how people in the border cities cold how they live and how we cold live. What I can do to improve their life there and it is important for me to include maybe some radical farms to their cities to get them a chance to grow and to communicate for each other.

Third Prize─Carbon Lab of Circular Economy - Carbon Capture Project
/Chi, Ko-Yu(姫柯宇)/Taiwan

Of course the intentions are good but do you think it is for carbon dioxide recovery purpose or good purpose to completely dominate the environment? completely dominate the living environment of human beings or single issue? But I am worrying for man for human beings for children they would living in the same environment where the single issue or literally dominates everything.

WYes. Capture carbon dioxide is unparaced under potential property into a liquid and transfer to the  laboratory by pipeline and  laboratory will combine it into carbon commodity. And it is cover the children and the lab because children need to the clean air to be go out helps. So I think the capture carbon device can be well to lab.

DavidI would like to have a question as well. I think your project is quite inspiring and maybe unusual which makes it interesting to see dose it a contrast we have done before and economically what we do now. However, I have a question how do you see the possibility of the project work and reality? Is it a healthy society would be higher upend the sky and get the circular economy and wind and that below it would be a society where people that may not be able to go up or not be part of it. Not part of this almost dreamy society and we would live. Do you think your solution also to make it very inclusive?

WIt is a public and initially they are farmers affected by the pandemic and global warming. But I hope that the building will be developed tomorrow in the area by using the technology and residential unit I had designed. And the farmers and the site in Taiwan the town of Donggang. I think the building is too high to build and the tree in the building can absorb the carbon dioxide. I think it is the building project is successful in the Pingtung Donggang town. I want be well can more possibly for develop when the this building can be successful here. Thank you.

Honorable Mention─Urban ZIP.per
/Pan, Zhong-Yu(潘中昱)/Taiwan

To what you said do you think this is a radical new proposal? Are you thinking to modify existing architecture or removing existing architecture in slower steps? Because you can read your project in both races.

WBecause in the urban cities, there have a lot architecture so every unit is so small but is for one people or more than two people. And only family time is for the family can have 3 and 4 people in the unit. In crowded city I think people will and space is small so I just design very small units in this urban zip.

DavidI have a question related to the common space. You raise the three spaces, public space, private space and common space. You clearly see and bring the public space up which role the common space relates to your urban zip? And do you also distribute differently now happens in the city?

WIn my urban zip the common area is the outdoor corridor is the unit. And difference because we can see now city is the single house and also have the very high rate residential apartment. But people just cannot leave their home. They bought but cannot go to outside to do some activities. So I just let the corridor come to the upper floor and if epidemic is outbreak and some people can also go to the common area the outdoor corridor maybe the sixth floor.  So it is different from the existing city building.

DavidOk so the circulation space the common space is more like the circulation spaces? Why do you call your project Urban Zip?

WYes. Because we when I observe the cities the circulation relates to some people elderly can take a chair to communication. But also have the distance to ..(hwow to say ) epidemic outbreak this distance is ok. Because I think in this community in urban has a lot of public facilities. I want it can be a zip file and all the facilities can be in this public floor and surrounding community can also use these public facilities and make it like a zip file everyone can go to and not only the social housing residents. And Zip because the common space is like the zip and get into the high floor.

Honorable Mention─Urban Instability - Participatory Urbanism
/Hsiao, Chung-Yun、 Liao, Chuan-Yao/Taiwan

I am glad you predict many fewer attentions. At the same time, it could be a surprise you present the architect here.  Maybe your last sentence it is interesting would be saying you need to give people freedom. I would say that in convince to give people take freedom. And freedom is not coming this terribly given it is something you have to stimulate to dictate for itself or discover for itself. And I think you in your competition incredibly modern details, incredibly potential, incredibly modern of simulation, incredibly modern of little devices to stimulate people to do something. I am worrying the actual occupants would be overwhelmed by the amount of details you freedom to give them. And therefore actually not to be stimulated to take freedom.

WSo that is why I try to use it. Because there is still going to be overwhelming what happens there. So we are trying to use apps to see you know the building is, can absorb that kind of urban uncertainty.

RemYou choose that to control freedom and episode there looks like kind of statement.

WYes. That is an interesting question because we do not really want to control how human use that space. We think that is we gave them freedom and they have the freedom choose the space. Only way we have to do is to give them the furniture and we do not really care what they are going to use the space. We see the human activities are phenomenon. We are not going to say that the phenomenon is right or wrong. Even don’t say the building or furniture. But we do not really judge the activities right or wrong or it is that they can use the space as they want. It is going to be crazy but that is all.

DavidDid you think if go back to system when the app is out or when the queens do not operate?

WAs the queens are down we think.. so we try to provide the furniture wheel. So the system is down we can still use the wheel try to… The furniture to site and elevator there. So each for….  there are 8 elevators.

DavidAre you not afraid in the short of time, period of time. People start to use it in different way then you intend to add. Therefor it becomes chaos.

WWell we know that. It is going to be crazy but I think that is a solution we are going to provide Zongshan district. It is kind of crazy that this district the infrastructure is overwhelming. So we just try to provide a better solution but we cannot really solve people really bring the space I mean to use the space crazy. And we just design as many like elevator as many as we can and try to solve the problem. We have not really calculated the circulation of human. So we do not know that is going to be overwhelming the building has been built. And it is going to be phenomenon it is kind of part to purchase the (grass?).

入圍(Shortlisted)─Spatial Folding of Urban 'Patches'
/Zhao, Guan-Lyu(趙管律)/China

When you present the housing theme which is incredibly intense which does not offer any aspect which is not highly urban or highly build or highly constructions. I can see so that is my question. What is the relationship between these density and the atmosphere of more freedom that would expect people to look for after Covic after isolation?

W:I think controlling is all of the world in investment. Resource is important if you want to achieve the sustainability. In the production, peering the housing, designer can collect the data on the need of the owner. For example, collecting requirement for the plan the site of the living or the number of the bathroom. Simulation with AI and multifunctional functional requirement through wetro protect will resolve significantly living and resources consumption. In addition, AI can also terminate safety operations. You see to implement monitor rate and place forecasting and so on.

Rem:Basically, you use works controlling a lot. And so that is what I am asking you ask to order Covid controls may be just one completely free or completely organize or completely define resources and much relations. But any way to more common question.

DavidI also have a question. Kind of the thing you are exploring is to combine normal floor and residential apartment with the medical component. And AI is generating combination with that and then you interfere with an architect. However, I want to ask you what is the medical component exactly and what is added to the quality of the living space of the house? And who operates it ?

WI think about the 2 kinds of the plans, the designer needs to matter the screening data, especially about the medical room. There are some operator rooms or the other. The person will add limited factory in the computation process. And in the later period, the designer will also need to fix minor problems created by AI. For example, in this building structure, that are to be the mess producted the safety functions are of the construction needed to be considered by people. Whenever, possible people are present as a design foundries.

David:OK, but can you, I understand how you generate it and also understand what kind of interfere you do. But I do not understand where the medical room is? Is it a quarantine room or is a hospital room where patient can be treated? It is the self-containment hospital where people can treat themselves? What is it? The component. The Doctor control outside or treat you at home?

WThe Doctor control outside or treat you at home? I think it should be treated at home. It is more reasonable.

入圍(Shortlisted)─Alveolar Filter
/Yang, Xin、Liang, Lin-Tao

Rem I have a question. the question is that but I think the elevator is kind of very fantastic invention. But  frankly it is a little bit a kind of this ..why do you stop raise stop?  In other words, I think you still are doing apartment elevators. And I think that if you want to convince the combination, and still elevators in the housing or in occupant buildings. I think better you could go much further  so I am asking why do you stop here?

WThis is a most important link. This is the link to implant the area theater in the concept into the building. After people around the floor, they live in front inside the elevator. They enter the elevator dots. After the layer by layer. This is the elevator filter. On the other side, building gradually become the safe area.

DavidI have a question related to the context of the building. You seem to position it to a quite nature environment. But the building does not really react to the context. How do you see that?

WWe think between buildings and buildings. Different people have different needs. We use different…

入圍(Shortlisted)─Return To The
( )
/Lin, Jia-Zeng(林家增)/Taiwan

Rem:Is this supposed to be an unique building or a single building? Or it is supposed to be a prototype which could be repeated?

W:I may not be able to answer right now but I will think about your question.

RemWell, it is very interesting to create the building everything is valuable to the all residents. But if you make the prototype basically everything would be valuable to everyone in the apartment building. Obviuodly it will become boring because not be convinced to every move away from apartment building. And also be endless this reputation of churches of migrants of everything all of the facilities introducing in the building. So that is why I am asking is it unique building or possibly something to imaging you can repeat. It is a simple question.

WUnique. it is an unique building.

DavidYou emphasize all of your presentation all the multifunction ability. The idea was really influence typology residential. How do you see the residential itself the housing part? Has the develop and also how it could develop in your concept? Is this another word it is to fit the situation when you build it and will not change anymore or will the residential areas develop overtime?

WI propose my residential place not very comfortable because I want people to be able to live their home then go to the public area. And take care the mood with people.

DavidDo not you think your access of residential place also your own private space and safety? And that should be comfortable and related to lighten air and kind of staff?